Hans Hanegreefs

Hans Hanegreefs

Secretary General

Welcome to Brussels, home of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers, home of the European Parliament, home of numerous international organizations, politicians, diplomats and civil servants, and my own personal home. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to this alpha global city. Small in size, big at heart!

I am also honoured to continue serving you for the second year, as the EUEW’s Secretary General. I took on this position in 2016 with great expectations and passion, and over the course of the past two years, I have had the honour of meeting living legends and several inspirational leaders who are personally committed to driving the electrical industry into a powerful beacon of global change and sustainability.

The time is indeed NOW, as the world looks at Europe for inspiration and innovation – two of our strongest characteristics. It is the two things that unite us as global businesses, but there’s so much more that defines us as Europeans. We protect our heritage. We learn from our past and we are never afraid to embrace a new future. Come what may!

The leaders and bureau of EUEW have once again strived to put together a powerful programme for the Annual General Convention that’s designed to fuel inspiration and innovation. We have chosen the best minds in business to help us understand the changes happening in our industry and around our economic world. I am truly delighted to have global influencers like Matthias De Clercq and Guy Wollaert on the stage, who will introduce us to the value of conversations and circular economy principles, and Ian Heller, who will tell us which challenges we will face next as an electrical wholesaler. With Pascal Coppens, we will travel to China, and get a thorough understanding of this vast economy, analyse the effects it might have on our industry, while also learning about his expertise in all things innovation.

So how do we put circular economy, innovation and sustainability on everyone’s agenda? How do we protect our heritage while continuously moving forward and adapting to new ways of working?

Beyond these meaningful conversations, we will also let you taste the best of Belgium – its fine cuisine, its culture, its architecture and art, and so much more, through a carefully crafted social and entertainment programme.

These two days together – in the unique settings of the Sonian forest, outside the hustle bustle and stress of the city – will help us reflect on our past to create a future that’s truly positive, bright and electric.

Brussels has never failed to amaze! Welcome to my home.