Ulrich Liedtke


It is with great pleasure and privilege that I welcome you to Brussels for the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers in 2019, for our 64th Annual General Convention.

My colleagues and me had the ultimate honor of hosting you in Bonn last year, where we mutually created a new momentum in the EUEW community with a renewed vision and ambition. Certainly not a revolution but quite a bit of evolution. Thanks for contributing to this change. Our unique annual event aims to bring together all the movers and shakers of our industry and related industries, on one united platform. As the leaders and partners of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers, we aim to stay on top of the business development opportunities, trend analysis, business intelligence, and personal networking to ensure that this community stays informed about upcoming challenges and is able to identify its great opportunities.

Inspired by our keynote speakers we had many great conversations last year on what will be important to manage the future. We all share the same ambition – we want to grow. Be it professionally with our businesses or in our personal knowledge – or both. Together with our members, we want to stand ready to embrace the changing face of our industry through digitalization, artificial intelligence, emerging economies and more – all the while we strive to protect our intellectual capital, our heritage and strong European values about business ethics, social standards etc., as we venture out to stay competitive and purposeful in the global marketplace.

We are exceptionally glad to host our Annual General Convention in Brussels, at such a critical time in our history, when our existence as the European Union and our values are being questioned by fellow Europeans and the world. We are convinced that our business reunion in Brussels will showcase our commitment to a stronger Europe as Europeans, European businesses and European business leaders. Our conversations and debates certainly will center around supporting the electrical value chain – for the success of our customers and to contribute to some of the most important issues of our societies. Whether it is a new approach to mobility thanks to e-mobility, whether the discussion is around how to fight the climate change or it is about modern ways of communication. The vast majority of these “hot topics” can’t be discussed without touching the “electrical industry”. That’s quite a perspective for all of us!

Now is the time! We welcome you to Brussels which might not be the commercial European Capital, but for two days will become the capital of Europe’s Electrical Wholesale Industry.